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The Corporate Landscape is Evolving and Evolving Fast
As a leading software development company headquartered in India, we build, implement, and manage next-gen technology solutions that boost your business value, future-proof your operations, make you competitive, and accelerate your growth.

About Microlent

For more than 8 years, we have succeeded in helping businesses realize their digital ambitions. Be it enterprise-grade software, a mobile application for consumers, or hardware integration with IoT, beacons, RFID, or other engineering equipment, our expertise in building custom solutions has enabled us to work with hundreds of businesses across sizes, industries, and geographical boundaries.
Our domain experience and a dynamic team of in-house professionals allow us to assist you in navigating the complex and ever-changing corporate environment. We are your technology co-partner who will always stand by you to take your business to the next level.

A History of

As a result of its fast-growing reputation, Microlent Systems succeeded in capturing the attention of a number of international clients, who have consistently listed Microlent Systems’s products and services as part of their preferred solutions throughout their different businesses. We are focused into business solutions using Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Apps and Hardware Integrations with RFID, Beacons, IOT and Engineering equipment.

Web & Software Development

We provide our clients with a whole suite of professional services related to software development including Business Consultancy, Custom Development, Staff Training, Technical Support and System Integration. We produce innovative and robust high-quality in Web Development that meet the highest expectations of the customer.

Mobile Application Development

We deliver IOS and Android Mobile Applications with international development standards. We build Mobile Applications based on requirements provided by Clients, while using cutting edge technologies.

UI / UX Design & Development

We build applications with high quality and user friendly UI/UX designs and responsive html, which makes it very easy for users to operate the application as well as high conversion rate of customers.

Search Engine Optimization

We build Web Applications with SEO to make sure that website earns more traffic and convert that traffic into customers and leads. We help our clients to stay ahead of their competitors. We help our clients build their brand by targeting their audience to boost their credibility.

We provide solutions for various industries

What we do

As soon as we receive any inquiry for a software solution, our Business Analyst interacts with the potential Customer to lay down all requirements without keeping any assumptions, once the requirement is final, we provide a proper estimation of time and price with proper milestone breakdown, complete team, and development plan.
One of the major roles of ours is, we help the customers in choosing right requirements, providing all different solutions available with the use of latest technologies to choose the best solution for the customer within his budget and time frame.

We invest everything we have in your success.


Explore the newest technologies and their potential for your business, or get to know how to improve your existing product.

Requirement Specification

We help you write requirements for a software by analysing your business.

Product Design

Validate innovative ideas, create the best UI/UX design to any screen size regardless of the device.

Web Development

Custom web development is exactly what it sounds like, a solution developed specifically for your business needs.

Mobile development

Shape the future of your business by creating a Mobile Application with a modern design, and custom features.

Engineering team

Close IT resources gaps, augment your in-house team or hire a remote dedicated team to work on a per-project basis.

Web Design
Web Development Company in USA


Our team is committed to the development of its Products/Projects using revolutionary optimized technologies.

Project Management Company

Our partners come from multinational
companies, luxury labels or
forward-thinking start-ups

Microlent Core Values

Our core values are the intrinsic part of our organization. Our ethically drafted core values stand parallel in supporting the company’s vision & shaping the corporate culture. We uphold our principles high with a bona fide sense of sincerity to accomplish our corporate & humanistic ideals.

Optimized end solution

Transparency in client relationship

We have been fair enough in resolving the issues of our clients with a true spirit of staunch support & co-operation. For a holistic tie up with our customer, gratitude is the finest expression. We provide you the much needed information keeping in view that transparency is our core value.

Optimized end solution

Categorization of the problem and aiming at the right solution has always been a prime concern. Analysis of the solution with step by step process of characterization holds a key importance. With a unique spirit of computation we simply provide the optimized end of the solution at your convenience. Evaluation is made in the rightful manner determining the best.

Radical transparency in our working culture

Radical transparency in our working culture

We are open in our plan and operation, transparency in our working culture has been our prime principle. The genuine trust has always generated credit and is a conclusive proof of efficiency in our working culture. Our transparent working environment fosters happiness and prosperity.

Synergy and collaboration towards mutual growth

Advantage of collaboration has always proven to be fruitful. Synergy and collaboration are the living system which evolves growth and progress in the long run. New doors of unforeseen opportunities are opened with an inflammable spirit of collaboration having way for excellence in this dynamic world of competitive advantage.

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